Genealogy Research Service

Basic research

  • systematic investigation in various printed and digitalized historical sources and databases
  • establishing basic facts and determining possible range of a detailed research in archives, newspapers and on cemeteries

Cemetery research

  • photos and GPS data of tombstones
  • transcription/translation of inscriptions
  • organization, creation and management of cemetery database projects
  • taking care of specific tombstones, organizing repairs if needed


Archival research

  • scans/copies/extracts of civil registry acts
  • scans/copies/extracts of historical documents
  • professional translation


Additional services

  • finding obituaries and/or articles in Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish, German and Russian newspapers
  • translation of postcards, letters, recorded memoirs etc.


  • individually crafted heritage tours
  • certified English-speaking guides
  • tour-planning

Standard Fee

  • 50$ per hour
  • 100$ in advance
  • payment through Paypal or wire transfer